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Paper sizes in Taobao

Want to buy paper products from Taobao but unsure of the paper sizes you are getting? Taobao sellers usually offer various sizes of paper to suit your every need. This guide will give you an insight about the different sizes of paper you can commonly find on Taobao.

A3 size

A3 sized paper. Typically used for drawing and sketching.

A3 size paper

A4 size

The commonly used A4 size paper, for printing, drawing and sketching. A usual notebook size as well.

A4 size paper

A5 size

A5 sized paper. A typical notebook size in Taobao.

A5 size paper

A6 size

A6 sized paper. Many small notebook have A6 sizes in Taobao.

A6 size paper

A7 size

A7 sized paper. A tiny, palm sized notebook.

A7 size paper

B4 size

B4 sized paper. Typical larger notebook size in Taobao.

B4 size paper

B5 size

B5 sized paper. Size of paper is smaller than A4 but larger than A5.

B5 size paper


4k sized paper. Large paper size usually used for drawing or painting. Usually only comes in sheets of paper due to its large size.

4k size paper


8k sized paper. Close to the size of an A3 sized paper. Large sketchbooks of this size are usually available.

8k size paper


16k sized paper. Close to the size of an B5 sized paper. Notebooks of this size are quite common.

16k size paper


32k sized paper. Close to the size of an A5 sized paper. Notebooks of this size are also quite common, like size of 16k.

32k size paper


64k sized paper. About 0.75x the size of A6 and 1.5 times of A7. Smaller notebooks of this size are common in Taobao.

64k size paper
Now that you know all the common paper sizes in Taobao, you can easily shop for paper sheets, notebooks and sketchbooks, whatever your needs are!